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Our Mission & Vision

To provide comprehensive one-stop Marine Engineering Solutions to surpass the expectations and to suit the needs of the clients in a safe and sustainable manner.

To be the Marine Engineering Solutions provider of Choice in Singapore and the region by building everlasting partnership with our clients through consistently providing best solutions.

Quality Policy

  • Professionalism All our Team Members are trained and regularly updated with the Industries’ needs, which will aid them to provide adequate and real time solutions for our clients.
  • Quality Constant updates and training provided to our Team Members will ensure the Quality is always achieved with the highest of standards.
  • Responsibility We pride ourselves with the standards set and achieved, we undertake to provide a cost effective solution whilst not compromising on Safety and Quality.
  • Reliability We strive to provide a team of professionals with professionalism and unparalleled dedication.

It is our policy to execute all our activities to ensure the Safety, Health and Welfare of all our employees, clients, suppliers and subcontractors to meet our sustainable objectives.

It is our policy to manage and apply our Total Quality Management System such that every employee involved shall ensure implementation of proper Safety, Health and Welfare procedures and practices in accordance with the requirements of the Singapore WHS act and related codes of practice and standards.

Care for Safety, Health and Welfare is a Company Management commitment and priority. It is the responsibility of Management to provide a safe work environment, proper tools and adequate training.

Our supervisors have the responsibility to stimulate Safety, Health and Welfare awareness among the employees, to manage a proper usage of the work environment and tools and to create a climate in which everyone shares a concern for the Safety, Health and Welfare of their fellow workers.

Our employees are required to execute their work in such a manner as to prevent all circumstances that could lead to incidents that can cause personal injury, illness or material damage. All employees are responsible for continuously improving Safety, Health and Welfare performance.

We will implement this policy, in combination with the Safety, Health and Welfare regulations, standards, and codes of practice of our clients, in accordance with the applicable national and international laws.